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One Sleeve Finished!

July 23, 2014

Almost there!

One sleeve is finished and grafted into the sweater

It’s very early morning, and I will soon go to bed. Tonight I learned what we lost with the demise of the incandescent bulb. Try doing intricate detail work on a dark color, like black, under one of those horrid fluorescent things! I fled to a different room, where an incandescent still occupies a rarely used floor lamp. I grafted this sleeve tonight. Could not see the black stitches under the harsh fluorescent bulb. Managed to under the incandescent. As for the sleeve, there’s still much work to be done, as the facing on the wrong side needs to be tacked down and all those yarn ends tucked. But, for now, there’s little mystery left as to how this sweater will look. Just one more sleeve . . .

Growing a Sleeve

July 22, 2014

Sleeve progress

Sleeve progress and increase line

A less than perfect looking sleeve — but only because this view is of the increase line that gradually widens the sleeve. Symmetry is not quite perfect, because circular knitting produces a jog. The jog can be hidden, but the method requires thought and skill not warranted where a jog isn’t seen. This line is hidden against the body when worn, so it’s sufficient to simply create slightly offset symmetry along the line.

On to a Sleeve

July 15, 2014

Next step is creating sleeves

Beginning of a sleeve with corrugated ribbing.

Later, following a very busy day, I got started on a sleeve. It’s tube hemmed (kind of challenging in the round), and I’m going for corrugated ribbing again; should not be a problem on something with a small circumference. Have only worked on it for about two hours so far.

Placket Outlined

July 15, 2014

Placket finishing completed

Black outline on placket

Here’s the result of another one of those dreaded late nighters: the placket is now outlined in black. Doesn’t look like much, but it was about a 2.5 hour job, and there’s a lot more knitting on the inside — a facing that covers the chop job on those steek stitches. I finished this late last night, because I had too many commitments during the day to allow time for it. Here’s hoping I have some pewter clasps around here somewhere. Bought a pile at a good price probably 20 years ago. No idea where they might be or if there are even any left.

Neckband Completed

July 13, 2014

Took about six hours to  complete

A long evening’s project . . .

Had a big church project to finish that took all afternoon. Not complaining. Didn’t get at the sweater till late. Had hoped to finish off the placket as well as the neck, but the former didn’t happen. Finished the neck at 11:45, and I’m ready to drop. Nevertheless, the dirty dishes are calling . . .

Sweater Emerging

July 12, 2014

Shoulders joined and neck opened.

A few nerve wracking techniques result in a more sweater-like garment.

Later, I’ve machine sewn the steeks to fasten them off and cut the wrapped ones to open the neck. I also joined the shoulders. I’ve started picking up around the neck, but that photo will be for another day. Have charted a motif design for the neck, my design. It’s untried, of course, so I’m hoping it works. I always use a bright, contrasting color of thread for machining the steeks. It’s orange but not very visible in the small photo.

Machining and cutting steeks kind of makes the blood pressure soar. No matter how many times I do it, it still gives me the creeps. The sweaters hold together, though. I’ve got several Norwegian sweaters around here, worn by various family members, and none have ever come apart. This one is going to an adult son.

Body Tube Completed

July 12, 2014

Finished body tube of Norwegian sweater

The tube that forms the body of this sweater is now completely knitted up. Need to finish it off to make it look normal and beautiful.

Steeks, steeks, ugly wrapped steeks . . . Wrapped steeks, not the stitch holders, are what’s causing that ugly glob at top center. I conserve yarn rather than bridge the full gap. The torso part of this sweater is finished, but I still need to deal with all the steeks. Can’t wait. It won’t look like a sweater until they are dealt with. Steeks are extra, custom stitches placed where the sweater fabric will be cut for openings.


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