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Now we know it fits!

April 30, 2015
Successful sleeve addition

Sweater with sleeve fits well.

I completed the sleeve today and grafted the front half of the cap into the sweater bodice. It proved a perfect fit, and also looks just perfect on the recipient. This is a great relief! I never know whether a garment construc- tion will work for certain until I get this far. Now I know. The second sleeve will be easy to create, because I’d written all the instructions as I worked my way through the first one.

Have much finishing to do as well. Need to tuck yarn ends and tack facings. The wrong side must look as good as the viewable side.

Norwegian Sweater Becoming a Reality!

April 1, 2015
Incomplete but wearable

Unfinished but wearable garment.

I’ve made a lot of progress, and actually have a garment that can be put on. Am currently working a sleeve, the beginnings of which are on the model’s wrist. She is the future recipient of the sweater, and it’s fitting her well. She’s pleased. We both are.

The cuff looks rumpled because the facing is not yet tacked down. The slit needs a button; the placket needs a clasp.

I’ve contacted Dale to inquire about permissions pertaining to publishing, but it’s not looking like they will respond. If not, I’ll create a stranded design of my own and publish the construction method with it. The construction is mine; I’ve no idea what Dale has done to achieve their garment shape. It’s a machined ready-to-wear. My garment is strictly a hand knitted construction, and the construction is working out very well.

As for the construction method, it can be used in conjunction with any stranded motif design.

Dale Peace Sweater Continues to Grow

March 5, 2015
Peace continues to grow

Making great progress on Peace sweater

My hand knitted version of Dale’s Peace sweater continues to progress. I’ve completed the midriff and am working on the crossbar. I’ve bound off for the armholes, added steeks, and am working the armhole openings. There are darts along the sides, as this sweater will be worn by a slender young woman, my daughter. The needle pulls the sweater out of shape so that the darts are difficult to discern. I continue to document all the instructions for this garment as I work it out.

Dale of Norway Peace Sweater

February 5, 2015
Daughter Wants Peace

My version of Dale of Norway’s Peace

Because my daughter asked me to (how could I say no?), I’m knitting a Dale of Norway Peace sweater using photos, because there is no pattern available for it. Dale has always sold it as ready-to-wear only, though they are now, after nine years, threatening to develop and publish a pattern. In the meantime, though, daughter wants, so I will knit. Neither of us have any patience. Ha ha. I’m having to ad lib some. I think I’ll do embroidery instead of attempting to find ribbon like Dale’s. I won’t use the familiar heart zipper, but will add a pewter clasp to the placket instead. At this point, I’m not yet certain what else I’ll modify. Will find out as I progress. And . . . I’m writing a pattern as I work.

Ultimate Blue II

November 25, 2014

A replacement for one I sold

Ultimate Blue Two basket

Ultimate Blue Two: Some years ago, I made a similar basket, Ultimate Blue, and sold it, but I won’t part with this agate. Love druzy!

Bright Angel Point and a Painting Started Years Ago

November 13, 2014

Grand Canyon's Bright Angel Point

Bright Angel Point, Grand Canyon

This is a somewhat contrived depiction of Bright Angel Point in the Grand Canyon, a place I’ve never been. I started this painting many years ago, using a photo in a book that belonged to someone else. I was displeased with how the painting was looking, and so abandoned it. The book’s owner wanted it back, and so my unfinished painting had lost its model, forever.

Over a year ago, when redecorating our living room, I came across the painting in a place where I bury magazines and such. Without the model photo to compare it to, it didn’t look so bad. I decided I’d finish it at some point when I would find both time and inspiration. I also began searching the internet, hoping to find that old photo or something similar.

Well, I didn’t. I found many photos of Bright Angel Point, but not that one, that specific place with the same foreground and the incredible sky. I eventually accepted the fact that I’d have to fake my way through it. This was daunting; I’m not that good. I didn’t even like the thing when I had the model to work from.

Today was the day. I had time. I felt like tackling it. I set up my table easel and all the paints, plus my computer with its collection of views of this place. I asked the Lord to help me. I threw in a lot of mist — it does wonders for hiding the details forever lost to me. And here it is. It’s not great, but it’s passable.

I do have a definite purpose for it, now, finally. I had our family room tiled a few years ago, and it became so perfect for a southwestern themed room, and I love that look, and I already owned some southwestern style junk, and I made some (baskets), and I collaborated with an artist, who made me a cool wood and copper clock having southwestern looking stuff on it. A painting of the Grand Canyon became the perfect finishing touch, clearly establishing a location that is the southwest. I’m pleased. And I’m so glad it’s finally finished!

Asymmetrical Shaping and Wayward Coils

November 12, 2014


Asymmetrical design with wayward coils

Side view

Wayward coils side view

Just finished a basket. I call this style asymmetrical with wayward coils. A Lake Superior agate is the center focal point. Tiger-eye and turquoise chip beads decorate the rim. Coiled baskets like to be round, sometimes oval. It’s a battle, a very deliberate goal, to achieve one of these misshapen things.


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