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Finished But Unblocked Shawl

January 13, 2010

Mulberry Silk Shawl

I finished my silk shawl today, around 2:00 a.m., following a disaster in which a stitch escaped my slippery INOX needle and ran way back. Rescuing my work resulted in some very tense moments. Following that disaster, I was determined to get this thing finished and off of knitting needles forever, end tied off most securely.

At this point, and after several hours of recovery sleep, the shawl is unblocked and ragged looking. Blocking should solve that, plus I have ends to tuck. Getting a photo of the entire shawl required a fish-eye lens. Thankfully, I have one. There are advantages to owning obsolete electronics, one being that accessories are cheap on Ebay.

Junction of shawl parts

The corner shot showcases all three parts of the shawl: the inner triangle, the wide border, and the narrow border. This shawl has no seams or picked up edges. Rather, the wide border is incorporated into yarn-overs placed on the outer edges of the inner triangle, and the narrow border is connected to the live stitches of the working edge of the inner triangle, thus producing a continuous construction.

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