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Traditional Cardigan with Celtic Knot Cable

January 13, 2010

One project finished, so now I start another. Actually, I haven’t knitted too seriously for several years, so I’m getting back into it. Besides, I owe one of the kids a sweater that I promised him several years ago.

Jon picked out some navy tweed wool yarn, sport weight, and our intent has always been to make a V-neck cardigan out of it. I’ll run a Celtic knot cable along either side of the opening, another at back center, probably one centered on each sleeve. I might also add patch pockets with a single knot on each. We’ll see. Leftover yarn and motivation will probably be the final determiners.

Jon is very slim, so I’m making this a 40 inch chest size using a six stitches per inch gauge. The cables are 3.5 inches each and have to be calculated properly into the stitch count.

So far, I’m grinding my way through a tube/French hem. I love these hems. They are so sturdy, and eliminate the abruptness of a cast-on edge, the appearance of which I have never liked.

Tube hem

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