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Progress of Celtic Knot Cardigan

January 31, 2010

This project seems to be moving along nicely, although the final verdict on these hand knitted things can never be reached until the garment is completed and placed upon the victim. Only then does the knitter know for certain whether the mighty effort was a success or failure. Therefore, hand knitting is always a somewhat tense endeavor, even though the actual process is also therapeutic to the knitter. Does that seem contradictory?

At present, the body of the sweater is undergoing the blocking process, where a hand knitted item goes from lumpy and bedraggled to smooth and classy. I’ll know better how well this fits when the blocking is completed.

In the meantime, I’m working on the first sleeve, with only moderate motivation. The urge to knit tends to ebb and flow.

Regarding Celtic knots, it seems the New Age and occult crowd has been claiming them as their own. However, these knots first appeared as a simple, decorative art form used by the early Irish; there is no record of the knots having any symbolic meaning. They were just decorative. Christian monks came to Ireland as missionaries, adopted the knot art, expounded upon it and made it more intricate, attached some Christian symbolism to it, and used it to decorate their surroundings, which were also the surroundings of the native people, so I suppose everybody was happy. In any case, I’m not using Celtic knots for any New Age or occult purposes. I’m a Christian, and I’m using them according to their original intent — to decorate. If there’s any meaning to be attached to my decorations, it’s the symbolism of the eternal qualities of the Living God, YHWH.

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