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Saturniidae Hyalophora Cecropia Pupae and Cocoon

February 6, 2010
Cecropia Pupae and Cocoon

Cecropia Pupae and Cocoon

I’m wintering three cecropia pupae in a refrigerator. There are also three separate cocoons, but I chose to photograph two pupae and one cocoon. Opening the cocoons does not harm the pupae, so long as one doesn’t cut a pupa in the process.

I raised these three from eggs last summer. The entire experience is documented on this web page. We have a paper birch tree on our property, so the caterpillars had a wonderful feast. Now they are sleeping off their gluttony, and will make a stunning appearance sometime in June, as gorgeous moths. They’ll breed, lay eggs, and start the process all over again.

I have two males and one female. I will try to breed the female to a wild male to avoid inbreeding.

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