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Photo: Sunlight and Shadows on a Drifted Ridge

February 20, 2010
An accidental shot

Shadows on a Drifted Ridge

“Real” photographers hunt for perfect shots. I don’t have time. I happened upon this one purely by accident, but as it turned out, it was a planned happening. Someone else did the planning.

A friend and I spent two nights in Wisconsin Dells this week. It’s the off season, so prices are cheap, cheap, cheap. Call it a retreat of sorts. I needed to get away, as did she. Our time was mostly divided between chilling out in our large, comfy room, and roaming rural roads in search of scenes to frame with the camera.

As I rounded a curve on a country road, there it was. There was no outstanding subject, but rather just a set of circumstances that came together perfectly: a late afternoon sun throwing long shadows across the face of a snow covered ridge, drifting that happened in just the right direction, a few naked trees and bushes, dark streaks of clouds. It was a truly gorgeous sight.

A day later, traveling home all alone and spending that time with the Lord, He pointed out to me that He had made it all come together just for me ’cause He knew I’d love it. That’s so cool! He also pointed out that He is able to bring together the fulfillment of the longings of my heart in much the same way.

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