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Ribbing, Lower Border, and Body Start of Norwegian Sweater

January 14, 2011
Ribbing, lower border, and body of sweater

Progress of sweater from bottom up

It’s late and I’ve worked on this sweater off and on yesterday and today to get this far. The ribbing is completed. I added some color to the section just above the ribbing and am now working the lower body. The view is of the round join. It’s a little globby because I haven’t tucked yarn ends on the back, and those ends get loose. I’m doing jogless rounds, just because it’s fun, even though this section will be along one side and sort of hidden by the left arm.

Because of the corrugated ribbing, I used an increase other than work front then back of stitch, because that method would not have disappeared well into the ribbing. The color section is based on a four-count and the section above that a five-count; therefore, I had to adjust the total count slightly so that each section would be continuous all the way around the tube. These two counts do not center over each other; the important thing is to make certain the center stitch at front and back is centered continuously all the way up.

My ribbing was worked with Peer Gynt yarn. Above that, the black and green yarns are Heilo. For the body I’m knitting with an Inox Express circular needle — a poor man’s version of Addi Turbos. I do not know how their prices compare now, but when I bought the Inox, there was a significant difference in price. I love that Inox needle. It is so fast and smooth to work with.

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