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My Abba

April 7, 2014
When my children were born to me, I cherished them. The attachment was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. Time passes, and as children grow and mature, a separation process ensues, mostly on the part of the children, that culminates in the kids finally leaving home and establishing themselves as independent adults. A parent must let go, frankly, of everything. Though the powerful love that arose at the birth of each child never dies, that same love recognizes the need for the child to be loosed. But there always remains the hope that the child will willingly do his/her part to maintain close, intimate bonds with the parents — a loving, honest, open friendship. On the parents’ part, that door is always wide open.

The things of the natural often illustrate truths about the Lord.

I’ve permanently loosed one child, and two more will soon follow. The reality of this isn’t far from my thoughts. Last night, the Lord spoke into this. He pointed out that He made humans to procreate along with Him in order to share with Him how He cherishes each and every person that He forms. On His part, that deep love, much deeper than mine, never ends. He, too, like a parent, looses each one to make their way, their choices. He always hopes that each one will find his/her way back to Him in intimate friendship. He longs to visit with each of us, to hear from each how we are feeling and what’s going on, and to seek His advice, and help, and also, most of all, to just be with Him.

During yesterday’s sermon, the pastor pointed out that a big change is soon coming to this nation, and it won’t be easy. I have no argument with him, as I sense the same thing. When it happens, our very survival will depend on whether or not we have intimacy with God. It’s crucial to know Him, and to know how to know Him, and to keep pressing in, drawing nearer, learning to perceive His direction and guidance. He’s our Father, our Daddy. He cares more than anyone else does. And He always longs to just be with each of us.
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