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The Lord’s Sense of Humor

June 19, 2014

Pastor likes to remind us that the Lord has a great sense of humor. I knew this, but the reminder helps me to recognize it when it comes up.
Last winter, I bought something really frivolous by my standards, a copper wind sculpture. It wasn’t cheap but sure was gorgeous! There was another style that I really liked, but it cost twice as much, so I settled for what had been my first choice until I’d met the other. I was very happy — no regrets.

A few days later, the artist sent me an email offering me his prototype of the more expensive sculpture at a greatly reduced price, because it was old and banged up. Most certainly I wanted it (and the prototype and its story made it especially heartwarming), but my practical side questioned the wisdom of this. I continued to question for several months. I also kept asking the Lord, but I wasn’t sure of what He was saying, or if my guilt was affecting what I thought He was saying.

One day, having kept the artist on hold for too long, I went to the Lord about it again. What suddenly came to me, loud and clear, was: You don’t have a dog.

Now that probably sounds odd, but I understood — and it was really funny on a very personal level.

I don’t have a dog because I think they are messy, I would not care to clean up after one, I don’t like the damage they do, I do not want to find a sitter every time I wish to go away, they are expensive. I didn’t know how expensive, but I knew they were. I did look it up online, and found that the cost of a wind sculpture was equal to one year of dog ownership (not counting the initial outlay), and the sculpture would only be a one time expense.

In a very amusing way, the Lord had gotten through to me that, when looking at the bigger picture, I could be paying a lot more on an ongoing expense that most of my friends and acquaintances are paying for.

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