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July 6, 2014

Progress on Andy's sweater

So, the creative obsession has brought me back to this old project, Andy’s sweater, that’s been going on for a few years, because I don’t feel the least bit like knitting. However, I told myself, “No more coiled baskets until you finish that sweater!” I’m really hating sedentary mode, and working on this thing is not reviving in me any urge to knit. Am making progress, though.

I started this back in 2011 with corrugated ribbing. Loved the corrugated look, but it was making the ribbing curl. I kept knitting. But when I was almost to the yoke, I decided the curl was living dangerously, and the project was too expensive to take a chance on. That’s when I lost heart and let it sit for a couple years. Finally, earlier this year, I ripped the whole thing (except the beastly tube hem), and started over. However, I’ve not been motivated, and it sat again for a few months. I simply cannot keep cranking out new projects, though, while letting this thing sit, so that’s why I’ve decided to get tough on myself and finish it.

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