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Bright Angel Point and a Painting Started Years Ago

November 13, 2014
Grand Canyon's Bright Angel Point

Bright Angel Point, Grand Canyon

This is a somewhat contrived depiction of Bright Angel Point in the Grand Canyon, a place I’ve never been. I started this painting many years ago, using a photo in a book that belonged to someone else. I was displeased with how the painting was looking, and so abandoned it. The book’s owner wanted it back, and so my unfinished painting had lost its model, forever.

Over a year ago, when redecorating our living room, I came across the painting in a place where I bury magazines and such. Without the model photo to compare it to, it didn’t look so bad. I decided I’d finish it at some point when I would find both time and inspiration. I also began searching the internet, hoping to find that old photo or something similar.

Well, I didn’t. I found many photos of Bright Angel Point, but not that one, that specific place with the same foreground and the incredible sky. I eventually accepted the fact that I’d have to fake my way through it. This was daunting; I’m not that good. I didn’t even like the thing when I had the model to work from.

Today was the day. I had time. I felt like tackling it. I set up my table easel and all the paints, plus my computer with its collection of views of this place. I asked the Lord to help me. I threw in a lot of mist — it does wonders for hiding the details forever lost to me. And here it is. It’s not great, but it’s passable.

I do have a definite purpose for it, now, finally. I had our family room tiled a few years ago, and it became so perfect for a southwestern themed room, and I love that look, and I already owned some southwestern style junk, and I made some (baskets), and I collaborated with an artist, who made me a cool wood and copper clock having southwestern looking stuff on it. A painting of the Grand Canyon became the perfect finishing touch, clearly establishing a location that is the southwest. I’m pleased. And I’m so glad it’s finally finished!

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