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A Peace Versus Pauper Experience

August 28, 2015

Machine made Peace and hand knitted Pauper

An RTW Dale Peace and our hand knitted knockoff design, Pauper.

Yesterday, a friend and I drove to Wisconsin’s beautiful Door Peninsula for a day of scenery hunting and art galleries. It was delightful and never gets old. I also made another stop, a clothier, On Deck, that carries Dale of Norway sweaters. After having spent months knitting a Peace knockoff for my daughter, I desperately wanted to actually see and interact with a genuine Dale Peace. It happened!!! On Deck had their winter apparel out, and they had stacks of Peace. They even let me take loads of photos. I was so surprised at how thread-like fine the actual Peace yarn is. The sweater is “light as air.” Daughter’s “Pauper” sweater is truly winter outerwear, and she’ll be wearing it in the snow and cold this winter! My Georgia girl will get a Bogstad knockoff made from yarn similar to that of Peace and worked from the pattern I developed while creating Pauper (not to be confused with Dale Garn’s modified Peace hand knitting pattern that was published later). Now, at last, I know what to do with that! Pauper pattern available HERE.

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