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Precious Jade

January 11, 2016

Precious JadeThe church we belong to is near a building that was constructed to house missionaries on furlough. Most of the resident missionaries attend local churches of the denomination they are affiliated with. However, a couple currently staying there, who will be leaving soon, chose to attend our church probably due to convenience of location. As with most missionary couples, the husband spends the weekends traveling to seek support at affiliated churches, and he must roam far and wide. The wife stays home with the kids and sometimes has no car.

In the case of this couple, the husband is an American. He’s a young man, but has been serving in the country of his calling since having finished college. His wife is a native of the country he serves in. Her given name means “Precious Jade.”

Because she was attending our church, I got to know her some, and as we had more contact, she became a friend, and then a rather dear friend. I’ve baby-sat for her and had the family here to visit, and they’ve done the same. I love them very much.

The Lord did an absolutely miraculous thing for them that totally frees them up financially, so they can devote themselves to their work. It’s so cool and amazing! When he was visiting a church a couple hundred miles away a few months ago, following the service, a man approached him with a proposition that sounded too good to be true. In fact, the missionary initially wrote it off as one of the wacky things one encounters occasionally in congregations. The man said he had a business in the country and immediate location of where the couple serves. He wanted to hire the missionary, because he had need of the skills the missionary went to school for, he needed an English speaking liaison to the native employees, and . . . he wanted the missionary to share Jesus with the employees for the sake of their salvation!

The missionary asked the pastor of the church if this was for-real or as nutty as it sounded. The pastor assured him that the man spoke the truth.

So, the missionary now has a professional career in his country of service and is financially set, no longer having to rely on getting church support. He will put his education to good use while being an on-site missionary with the full blessing and support of his employer. He is already well acquainted with the people and their culture, and is fluent in their tongue. He’ll also return to the U.S.  yearly as part of his job description, allowing him to remain connected to all his people here, and his wife can come, with him or alone, and she/they can be our guests for their short term visits, if they wish.

The whole thing is so exciting, the kind of thing only the Lord could orchestrate!

I ordered the jade stone over a month ago, before all this was settled and before I knew what was going on. I chose it because my friend’s ethnic name (she doesn’t use it here) means, as I said, precious jade, and because she is — a precious gem. I’ve no idea if she will like it, or if it’ll fit into her culture. It’s simply a love-gift to honor her.

I will miss her, but . . . she will be back! And we have computers to communicate with! Thank God for all the amazing means of communication and connection He has released to mankind to bless us with at this time.

And I thank Him for the marvelous ways in which He brings people together at His appointing. He blows me away!

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