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Bogstad Inspired Hand Knitted Sweater

December 13, 2016

13dec16awpA couple years ago, my daughter requested I knit her a Norwegian sweater, and, because it was her preference, I ended up knitting a knock-off of a Dale of Norway sweater. (It’s pictured farther down the blog.) The Dale was a machine knit, and so I created a hand knitted version of the garment, and wrote a pattern from my notes, so I’d be able to duplicate the process. That was a wise move.

I offered to do something similar for a daughter-in-law, and so am knitting another Dale inspired sweater, different color pattern. Because DIL lives 14 hours away, I can’t do adequate fittings, and so this project is moving along much more slowly than daughter’s did. Was able to do a recent fitting, and am hopeful that this is the final lap.

Dale Garn came up with a pattern for the first Dale sweater that I knitted, but it was released after I had knitted daughter’s sweater. My version and the Dale Garn version are not the same. I tried to stay true to the garment design of the original machine knit. Dale Garn created something that’s easier for hand knitters to knit, and so some things were modified to make simpler.

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