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Boggy with One Sleeve

January 19, 2017

Boggy sweater with one sleeveI had daughter do a fitting of my hand knitted “knockoff” sweater, having added the first sleeve, so I could see how that change would work on a human. It works fine. Dale of Norway’s machine made Bogstad sweaters were my inspiration for this hand knit having a similar style. I’ve made changes, both to convert it to a hand knit and also to personalize. The Dale sweaters are assembled from flat pieces of machine knitting, but this hand knit is worked in the round and steeked, for cutting. I’ve extended the horizontal bar of the yoke into the sleeves, which Dale’s style doesn’t do. The embroidery on the Dale sweaters’ placket borders  is added as machined ribbons; however, my garment is hand embroidered directly onto the placket borders. Closures will be traditional Norwegian pewter buttons and a clasp — when I get that far. This sweater is destined to be for a daughter-in-law. Daughter has already received hers, a Peace knockoff, my first attempt at one of these conversions.


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