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Beating Samsung Smart TV/ATT Incompatibility

May 23, 2017

Have you ever tried connecting a Samsung Smart TV to an AT&T internet connection and failed miserably, no matter what you tried? Did you call customer support only to have them fail with you? Did they finally tell you to buy a service contract, and then they would come over and fix it for you? I’ve been through it, recently, when I switched to ATT because my experiences with TWC/Spectrum had been endlessly dismal (mostly having to do with fees), and it was past time to end it.

My TV is a series 6300, and maybe the problem is peculiar to that series. Or not. The internet connection is a type that allows automatic detection, and the TV did that, and the network numbers it detected matched those of every other device in the house that we had successfully connected, which was all of them except the TV. Only thing that changed was the IP number, which has to be unique to every device.

I tried different IPs, and I tried using an IP some other device was using, and I rebooted, and I reset, and I manually entered. I tried wired, wireless — nothing worked. And customer support had me repeat everything, endlessly.

One guy said to me, “Might you have tried DNS”

To which I said, “I don’t understand. It automatically detects, and the DNS entry is the same on everything else in this house, and it’s all working!”

He didn’t explain further but routed me to the next tier, and that guy wanted to sell me a year’s worth of service contract for $180, to which I said, “No! I NEVER use customer support! I’ll live without the internet connection on the TV if I have to!” We only use it for Netflix anyway. Big deal!

He then offered me a one time visit for $50, to which I said, “No! Someone’s going to come here, change one little number setting on the TV, because I can’t figure it out, and I’ll have paid $50 for that! No!” We parted company.

The next day I was still in fail mode. I decided to spend some time in the Lord’s presence, not to whine about the TV but just to be with Him. And so I did, and He dropped in the obvious: “Do a web search.”

Oh! Duh! Why didn’t I think of that??? I searched, and I found the solution immediately. It seems the Samsung thing is a common problem, and the fix is to override the auto detect for the DNS entry and manually set it for instead. I did that, and the TV has worked perfectly ever since.

If that ATT support guy hadn’t just alluded to it but explained that it’s a Samsung quirk, I would have done it promptly. It just didn’t make sense to me, so I was questioning. The online forum, by contrast, included that little bit of info. Besides, the Lord had just told me to do a search, and He ALWAYS knows what He’s doing. (-:

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